Image Library Terms of Use

St. Louis CVC Image Library

Image Library Terms of Use

Photographic Agreements

Our photographic agreements allow the CVC to use those purchased images for the following purposes:

The CVC also releases a limited number of slides to member companies or non-profit civic entities for use in slide presentations which promote St. Louis as a convention, meeting, group travel or individual travel destination. Those slides may be used in audio-visual presentations which meet the criteria listed above and then must be returned to the CVC immediately after use. They may not be duplicated or published.

For uses which do not meet the above listed criteria, the CVC will gladly supply a list of CVC member photographers and photo stock houses to anyone in need of photography of St. Louis. Those photographers and photo houses can provide either high quality stock images or specific images produced to meet individual photographic needs. Individual visitor attractions (e.g., the Gateway Arch, Union Station, etc.) also may occasionally release images of their sites to the public. For details, contact the attractions in which you are interested. If you have questions, please contact the PR Department.

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